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Hold for Release was a rollercoaster ride of emotional highs and lows. The actors delivered stunning performances as the audience was taken from the worlds of high fashion and journalism to the underground worlds of corruption and human exploitation. A brave step was taken into experimental theatre as the floor was opened to questions after the performance.

The Last Straw was a fun, inventive musical romp. While performers and audience thoroughly enjoyed themselves, the urgent message to protect our oceans from pollution was still driven home. Singing, dancing and acting creatures and humans saved the planet of Ultramarine. Costumes, set and makeup added dazzling dimensions to an evening of fantasy and delight.

Ingela Richardson - Teacher & Mother of Crew member


#Blessed. What an excellent production! Jen Bryson Moorcroft's latest show at the Arts Theatre grabs your attention and keeps you riveted from the get go with its gripping story line. And what an incredible group of highly talented actors: some still at school. The success of the production hinges on them and they pull it off perfectly. This show needs to go on the road both because of its very important subject matter and just because it's so good and deserves a much wider audience (Grahamstown Arts Festival and beyond).

The culture of blessers (the modern term for sugar daddies) is often glamourised on social media but in truth its just a more sophisticated way of conducting a monetary transaction for sex: ie prostitution. And the victim is always the girl (or boy). This is going on all around us: in schools, on campuses, in families where girls are pimped out.
And horrifyingly its being openly conducted on dating sites and Facebook pages specifically set up for hook ups of this kind. What kind of morals and values are our children being taught today?

Let's open our eyes and ears and talk about it And go and see the show!

Gaye Taylor Moonieya - Social Worker & Journalist