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Dear fellow writers

At our last session we had pictures we were meant to capture in words. Initially my picture reminded me of the catalogue models from our magazines in the 80’s. It was a lady sitting in a grassland in a pose of sorts. After further scrutiny here at home I saw something else and came up with this poem. We ended up working in a group setting so I don’t know if this still works. But here is the homework:

The Lioness

In the dry grass

She sits

Only her body rests

Her eyes are alert

Always watching


For her cubs.

Without a crown

Or mane

She sprawls

Ready to nurse

They suck

They play

The princes of the savannah.

I am not sure if we are allowed to write some of our other writing on this blog. But I wrote this in my response to my lockdown blues.

The Busy

Such is the busy!

Criss-cross the rooms.

Seems so easy;

Make the bed,

Pull, tuck and fluff.

Hardly tough!

The first task of the day.

Feed the busy.

Please nothing cheesy.

May be jam and ham

On a slice of egg.

But with insomnia later,

Oh some french-toast sog

When no longer a banter.

Work the busy!

In that sunny home office.

Follow the paper trail,

From the in-tray

To the day-bed.

Ah the lockdown days

An exit-less maze.

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