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Biblical version

3.1 Patience and prosperity

According to J. Fourie an associate professor in Economics at Stellenbosch University- an economic perspective, Patience is not only a virtue. It might also be the root of economic prosperity. Patience is a virtue and economists are increasingly confident that it is also a key building block of economic prosperity. Furthermore, they are two relevant concepts concerning patience. Firstly, is to what degree you consider the future in your decision-making that is your time preference. Secondly, is the period of time that is relevant for your current decision making- your time horizon? Patient people tend to have a high time preference and long time horizon (J. Fourie, 2018: 75).

A comparative study conducted on patience was made famous by the Stanford marshmallow experiment; children were offered a choice between a small but immediate reward like a marshmallow either a larger award like two marshmallows if they waited 15 minutes. The other children waited a while and then had a bite. However, several children waited others diligently until the 15 minutes had passed for their second marshmallow.

The follow up studies revealed the following findings; the children who were able to wait longer for the higher pay-off were also more likely to have better results at school, as well as healthier body mass indexes and other life measures (J. Fourie2018: 75).

In this study conducted reveals that in life can exercise and conduct control for a waiting period rather than rushing to something not well prepared. In many cases, impatience can bring bad results or receiving raw material/half-done. I understand this might bring unpleasant feeling emotionally, disappointment, dissatisfaction as well. Well, I suggest patient endurance should be exercised in every sphere of our lives to receive the pleasing results for our expectations.

My personal experience in relation to patience, a lesson learnt from Jesus Christ, at one time, I had a nice dream that was promising and rushed for speedy results to come true.

I was impatient and panicking then an ironic voice proclaimed in my dreams again. “Wait we are preparing”. When I woke up, I was shocked and I proclaimed you know Jesus I am a panicking person I was created by you. On second thought, to have a promise it was not my plan; it is a blessing granted from above, how could I demand. The revelation of the Holy Spirit was different from my thought, change panicking to patience, I came to my senses for repentance and I thanked Jesus Christ for teaching me and initiated to exercise patience on every aspect of my life. The normal tendency with us is to focus on human standards for wishing the quick instant response for our heart desires. The Governor of our lives knows very well how the route is like and how He has prepared as He knows our DNA, personality and the desires of our hearts. Do we have to design our own castles or seek from our Creator what type of castle He has in store for us? One day what was revealed by the Holy Spirit to me, I was preparing a meal for my granddaughter 10 months then, she was busy pulling my leg crying and I wanted to refine the meal for her. However, I could not focus properly, that moment a voice of the Spirit, “Look that is the scenario that is happening and our Heavenly Father when He is busy preparing good for us”. Unknowingly we are not aware of the beautiful efforts our Father wishes to please us and we achieve happiness in what He provides for us.

written by Nomntu Melitafa

Nomntu Melitafa

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