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Creatively Clogged

You have an idea. It sits inside of you wrapped up, sealed away in some deep unconscious part of your mind, or perhaps you keep it stuffed under a pillow of embarrassment in fear that it might be exposed publicly. It still lurks in the depths of your heart and imagination and pops up as you daydream and doodle with your pen. It wants to get out, but you imprison it in your brain.

Maybe I exaggerate your feelings or maybe I hit a nerve or perhaps I have no clue what I am talking about. What writer wants people to actually read his or her work? No. Wait. How silly of me! You have to be born a writer. You have it or you don’t! Only geniuses can write or ever publish anything so that cuts you out!

There has been many a genius who should never have been published and many a paper filled with anonymous scribbles which should have been given the credit it deserved. The excuses we create not to publicly expose our ideas will make some very good fiction. If we can be creative in our excuses, why can we just not create without inhibition or hesitation?

Technology gives writers an opportunity they never before had – a platform to easily publish ideas and gain a readership. Yet not all of us are willing to embrace it with the enthusiasm that we should.

The Eastern Cape is filled with stories and they need to be told. Therefore, it is important to create a community of writers with our own special brand of innovation. Ideas are born to be shared and that is the goal of the Emonti Creative Circle.

Join us in our Creative Revolution! Write, read and be inspired!

byTammy Dalldorf.

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