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Emonti Creative Circle


a Prose and Poetry

We are delighted to present thirty-five of our favourite short fiction, non-fiction and poetry pieces to thrill and inspire - a collaboration by local and international writers.




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In a sleepy surf town on the south-east coast of South Africa, hidden stories are about to be unearthed. From hilarious real-life escapades to fantastical imaginings of an alternate future; from journeys rooted in rich local histories to international tales of mystery and suspense, there is something for every reader tucked away within these pages. Discover the joy and pain, humour and hope of thirty-five budding authors brought together through the Emonti Creative Circle and presented in an entertaining, bite-sized treasure trove of short stories, musings and poems.


In celebration of three years of Emonti storytelling – and as testament to the creative resilience of this group across distance and lockdowns – we are delighted to present thirty-five of our favourite short fiction, non-fiction and poetry pieces to thrill and inspire.


As you read, may you be inspired to find the voice within yourself, as we have.

About the Emonti Creative Circle


The Emonti Creative Circle is a community of writers continuously improving their writing craft through workshops, sharing their work and getting constructive feedback. Founded in East London in 2018, membership of this dynamic group expanded during the Covid-19 pandemic, embracing writers from across South Africa and around the world, whilst staying true to the group’s Emonti roots: unique voices, telling authentic stories with local flavour.

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"A veritable chocolate box of delightful tales - some sharp, sour, bittersweet, mellow, melt-in-the-mouth, soulful, surprising. Together they make a delicious collection perfect for dipping into or devouring in one greedy gulp!" Sarah Dewhurst, London. UK

Sarah Dewhurst, London. UK

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