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I had such a wonderful experience working with Jen. From an acting point of view, she pushed me to places I didn't know I could reach. Each rehearsal would be another step closer to the final character audiences seemed to love.

Directors have different ways of bringing out what they need from actors. It was such a pleasure working with a director that knows exactly what she wants and what she has written for the character.


Her way of conveying the different points of the character to me, really did bring a fullness of the character Maya out on stage and from my perspective I was able to embody the character quite well.

Because people are so different and actors even more so, there are different ways to work with each person. Jen does this from what I saw at our rehearsals and for me her crit was a big help. Knowing what not to do and what she wants as well and also having freedom with the character. Being able to play my part as a creative, by adding bits here and there to the character was also welcomed and definitely handed me more confidence in knowing that I was growing into the character.

By Taniel Jansen - playing the role of 'Maya' the Mermaid in 'The Last Straw'


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