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Creative Writing 

Workshops & Short Courses

Writing workshops

Emonti Creative Circle is a community of local and international writers.

Here you can share, grow, collaborate and mature in a safe, encouraging space!

All aspiring and established writers welcome! Join us in person or online in our Zoom workshops.

Introductory Creative
Writing Workshop

The Introductory Creative Writing Workshop focuses on how to get inspired and get writing!

A three hour session is presented in two parts.

Part 1:

  • Destroying creative inhibitors

  • Sources of inspiration

  • Creative experimentation activities

  • Writing and feedback session

Part 2:

  • Introduction to plot

  • Creating convincing characters

  • Internal and external conflict

  • Dialogue or monologue writing with feedback


I attended the Jen Bryson Moorcroft Introductory Writing Workshop, followed by the 6 month writing course. All I can say is WOW! The gentle support that she gives is a balm to my creative spirit, and has given me the courage to step out of hiding and start putting my work out into the public arena. I also unexpectedly ended up with a collection of poetry that I never would have had the courage to even begin penning, if it was not for the support that I received from the facilitator/s.


The courses are practical, simple and effective and critique valuable. I proudly call myself poet and writer, and look forward to growing even more alongside the extremely talented, versatile and merry mix of souls that makes up my diverse writing group. Her plays are brilliant, dealing with contemporary issues in a playful, multi-layered and impactful manner.

Ramona Chalmers - Creative Writing Introductory Workshop & Short Course

Jen Bryson Moorcroft Theatre in collaboration with Tamaryn Dalldorf of WSU presents our six month creative writing short course, fresh to East London.


Writers will participate in a writing workshop once a  month for six months, with opportunities to present their writing and get feedback as we hone words for publication.


Each session will cover an important aspect of creating captivating texts: from narrative dreamscaping, point of view, storyboarding and tying up loose ends, to the process of editing, rewriting and getting ready for publication and performance.


This course is limited to 10 writers per cycle. Please contact Jen Bryson Moorcroft Theatre for more information and to book your spot.

Creative Writing
Short Course

I had lost the desire to write due to an incredibly hectic work schedule and just the hum drum of everyday life! But being part of a class with wonderful souls and talented writers re-ignited that passion! Jen is a very astute and personable teacher and I am humbled by her warm, gregarious nature and her teaching ability. Thank you for keeping me sane, Jen and a special thanks to the bright people who made my Saturday mornings beautiful!

Varsha Maharaj 

Advanced Creative
Writing Workshop

THE CREATIVE WRITING ADVANCED COURSE  is suitable for adults who have completed the Creative Writing Short Course or Similar Writing Course)

Emonti Creative Circle in collaboration with Jen Bryson Moorcroft Theatre brings you the Advanced Creative Writing Course, suitable for writers who have completed our Short Course or who have experience/training in Creative Writing and want to take their writing to the next level. Our Advanced Course in Creative Writing is designed to take the tools you acquired in the Short Course and teach you how to use them in more sophisticated ways to achieve mature, polished writing.

This course consists of ten workshops covering topics such as writing great dialogue, main and supporting characters, atmosphere, story arcs and plotting and pacing as well as delving into editing and publishing in greater detail. More techniques for effective Writing for Performance, Poetry and Creative Non-Fiction will also be covered. There will be monthly workshop opportunities for in-depth discussion, editing and feedback on your writing as well monthly writing tasks that will be posted and read on our Emonti Creative Circle Blog.


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