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Most of the scripts below are available for purchase. They are all tried and tested, having been performed in front of numerous audiences. You can view photos, videos, sample scenes and download  synopses below.

Jen Bryson Moorcroft Theatre can be commissioned to write custom scripts for any of your production needs. Genres include: musical theatre, children's theatre, social justice productions, church or community productions, environmental pieces, one-act plays, one or two handers and many more!

Jen Bryson Moorcroft is also available to direct, produce and collaborate on productions and projects according to the client's needs.We welcome collaboration in turning your vision into a production!



The Great CreateAthon is a comedy hybrid theatre production that was developed as a collaboration between theatre makers from South Africa, the UK and Canada during lockdown! …Chris has to design a new planet. Piece of cake, right? Not if you have creative block and it feels like everyone in the universe is out to sabotage you. (Hint: They are.) Will Chris listen to the voices of reason – Erik and Angela, with their goji berry boosters, mind maps and motivational speeches? Or will the voices of vice win him over – Iago and Ursula, with every temptation in the book and some that haven’t even been written yet? Join us on this zany fantasy adventure set over seven days and reconnect with the artist within you in the magical world-building contest: The Great CreateAthon!



Set in East London, at a school that could be any school, #blessed follows the story of three girls: Precious, Lisa and Megan. Precious chose books and Lisa chose looks. Megan didn’t have a choice at all.


But when Lisa hooks up with local taxi driver, Skha, and decided to add him to her roster; things get a little complicated between the friends. Lisa’s lifestyle is #goals and the other girls can’t help but feel jealous. Studying and going to church just isn’t as glamorous as parties, perfect poses and baecations.


But all that glitters isn’t gold…meanwhile, schoolboy Siseko is stuck firmly in the friendzone and falling in love is far too expensive…

Have you been #blessed? The question is, by whom? #blessed interrogates the
relationships between blessers and blessees (or sugar daddies and sugar babies on
steroids) in youth aspirational culture in the Eastern Cape.



Hold For Release is a social justice play about fashion, fake news and real stories. It follows the lives of Zeah, Lerato and Abi, three #Young& Ambitious women poised to set the world alight in their respective fields – fashion, media and humanitarianism.


Despite the best of intentions, wise mentors and the shiniest of morals, their stories become intermingled with the story of our time – contemporary

human trafficking.


Sexy, fun and frivolous at first – the story takes its characters into the dark underbelly of success and asks – Is the price really worth it? Is ignorance an excuse – or a crime?



The story follows the creatures of the pristine planet of Ultramarine (think fish, crabs, dolphins and mermaids) as they encounter a strange new species – Humans.


While everyone is enchanted by these coffee-guzzling and plastic-spewing beings, only the wise mermaid-priestess, Maya, offers a warning –these visitors’ gifts hold a hidden trap!


With the Intergalactic Surf-Off Contest about to begin, the pristine planet of Ultramarine isn’t looking so squeaky clean anymore –­ and Plasticide the Destroyer is on the loose…



Lily is the protagonist of UNSTOPPABLE.


When we first meet her, she is an inquisitive and feisty seven-year-old. Act one follows her first day of school.


Act 2 follows her growing up and going to different classes during Grade 4-7. Act 3 picks up on some highlights and challenges from High School.


Lily is desperate to find her talent and make her mark at school. She has a friendly rivalry with her brother Matt, who is two years older than she is.



'Macbra - King of the Flats' is a hilariously fresh parody of the great Scottish play 'Macbeth' by William Shakespeare, adapted with a hefty helping of local language and flavour for South African schools by Jennifer Bryson Moorcroft.


Set in the gangster's paradise of the Cape Flats, the hitman Macbra is hungry for power, glory and some fish and chips. His beautiful (from a certain angle, in dim light) wife, Laydie, is even more ambitious for them to become the number one hot celebrity couple that all other gangster wives will envy. But standing between them and victory is Duncan, big boss of the Italian mafia who currently runs the Hood.


Luckily, Macbra meets some sneaky and suspicious sangomas who promise to make all his dreams come true (for a small price, of course - just to cover cauldron costs). Join us in their comical quest for the throne with plenty of song, dance, gang-fights, corruption, load-shedding and a few ghosts that will have you saying, 'Dislekker!' by the end of it all.



Follow the journey of our protagonist, George,  an ambitious if occasionally misguided 14-year-old student from the rural Eastern Cape, who comes to an English-medium high school for the first time, hopeful of having his moment ‘in the lemon light.’


However, George discovers that multicultural high school is quite different from herding cattle and English can easily be broken with ridiculous results…



Romeo is sixteen, intelligent and sensitive. He is the romantic, emotional and feisty son of Khumalo and Lady Khumalo, the owners of a popular East London shebeen. He occasionally works in their shebeen, when he is not being a terror to the streets of East London with his gang, or snogging his hot girlfriend, Rosaline.

Juliet Naido, The pretty and innocent thirteen year old daughter of Indian businessman Mr Naidoo and his wife Mrs. Naidoo, she is definitely more than just a pretty face and shows great courage as the play progresses.

Underwater Creatures



We meet Jonah as a self-assured prophet who carelessly agrees to King O's instructions without thinking about the consequences of it. Throughout the play he is the 'everyman' character who the audience can relate to. He runs away, doubts, rationalizes his decisions, gets angry with God, repents, sulks, is bitter and asks lots of questions of himself, the audience, and King O.


When Jonah comes across as unreasonable or in two minds, it is for the purposes of satire that points back to our own hearts – he is all of us, at some point. His questions and fears are not so far removed from our own.

Sporty Teens


This musical is all about remembering and celebrating your school through a historical imaginary journey – and about our protagonists Zuko and Marylou, finding who they are and where they belong.


Feel free to use your own symbols, sayings and history to make it authentic to your school. Thus it would work equally well for high school or primary school level.



While attending a Marriage Counselling Weekend, Bill and his wife Janice listened to the instructor declare “It is essential that husbands and wives know the things that are important to each other.”

He then addressed the men, “Can you name and describe your wife’s favorite flower?”
Bill leaned over, gently touched Janice’s arm and whispered “Gold Medal-All-Purpose, isn’t it?”

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