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Code of Conduct
  1. No Trolls are allowed on this platform. We invite constructive criticism, but nothing mean, rude or creatively destructive.

  2. You can only become a member of the blog if you have at least participated in one of our creative workshops.

  3. You have to regularly keep your blog updated at least once a month with new material. If it remains dormant for more than six months you will be removed as a member.

  4. You may have a pen name if your so choose, but please let the administrators know your real identity via email first, otherwise your membership will not be endorsed.

  5. Some of the audience of this platform are young, if your writing contains adult conduct please write the appropriate age restriction or provide a warning.

  6. Please give commentators and administrators time to respond to work as many have busy schedules.

  7. All members must comment and provide feedback. You don’t need to comment on every piece, but please give it “here and there”.

  8. No advertising.

  9. Please do not use this as an opportunity to post your grandmother’s recipes. Opinion pieces are welcome. If you have an interesting story about your grandmother please share it. You have to express yourself creatively.

  10. The administrators maintain the right to approve members and edit/approve content.

  11. If you admire a piece of writing and wish to share it on a public platform please ask the permission of the writer first.

  12. Have fun! You are forbidden to be bored.

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