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Emonti Creative Circle


When a good book ends, the conversation begins.

When a good book ends, the conversation begins.
If you love reading, or would like to read more diversely in order to develop your writing skills, consider joining an Emonti Book Club.

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  • Jen bryson Moorcroft Theatre

We have two passionate reading groups, based in East London. Participants read and talk about books based on an agreed-upon reading list. They meet for lunch or dinner once a month and discuss the month's book choice based on semi-structured questions (with wine or your poison of choice)! This is a great place to meet new people, challenge yourself intellectually and find new favourite books, as well as sharing your favourites with new friends! Limited spaces are available and potential members are welcome to attend a once-off session to get a feel for our book club community.


Jen has created a wonderful space for lively and interesting discussions, sprinkled with many a laugh along the way. I look forward to book club every month and will soon be joining one of her writing workshops as well. Jen is so insightful and her positivity is infectious. - Debbie Hill 

I have joined the book club and found a sisterhood and a tribe I didn't know I was lacking and it reawakened my love for reading. Her knowledge of writing in her writing courses have helped shape my own writing and made me have more confidence in it. I would definitely recommend any if her workshops to anyone! - Nicolette Wentzel 

Jen is probably one of the most amazing people I’ve met in a long time. I attended bookclub with her and recently joined the creative circle (wine & cheese tasting with tie-dye). Everything Jen touches is magical & she puts every effort in to make sure everyone has a wonderful time. If you’re looking for a safe space to meet like minded people or explore your creative side I can highly recommend anything Jen hosts! - Jessica Simons 

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