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 Jen Bryson Moorcroft Theatre

I love acting. It is so much more real than life. - Oscar Wilde


Jen Bryson Moorcroft is an independent playwright, director and drama consultant. She completed her Masters in Drama in 2018, specializing in Writing for Performance.


In 2015, her script, The Danger of Sugar, (about the exploitation of young girls by sugar daddies) placed 6th in the International New Visions New Voices Competition. She also wrote the screenplay for A Narrow Path, a feature-length film released in March 2017 throughout South Africa. (Find more information at  

She has written and directed various school and community theatre productions since 2009, including Breaking George, A Whale of a Tale and Unstoppable. She is passionate about local stories told with authenticity, humour and heart – stories that make a difference and go beyond the stage.


She has adjudicated various drama and talent competitions including Ultimate Performer and is a founding member of Emonti Creative Circle.

Our Team

We believe in the power of collaboration! This is our team of ridiculously talented, passionate and dedicated creatives, each a master in their own right. Together we make the magic happen!


You’ll either be laughing 'till your tummy hurts or unexpectedly feel the tears streaming down your cheeks until you realize, “of course"! This is a Jen Bryson Moorcroft production. It’s bound to abound with creativity, childlikeness, shock, horror, giggles and depth all in one story! Every play that I’ve been to of Jen’s has left me authentically convicted to make a difference in whatever way I can. But the thing is , you won’t even realize that until the end because you become so absorbed into the story (and entertained) that you leave like you are one of the characters! That’s my take, anyway.


That’s also not mentioning her amazing ability to draw out people’s strengths, highlight them and find the quirkiness in their “weaknesses”. I’ve seen her do this when choosing people to collaborate with, whether it be actors, dancers, set designers, make up artists, fashion designers, sound crew and backstage crew.

Sarah Da Silva

ouR tEAM

Writer & Communications Lecturer at WSU

Tamaryn Dalldorf is the co-founder of Emonti Creative Circle. She hold a Masters Degree in Creative Writing and in Literature and is Communications Lecturer at Walter Sisulu University.


Besides being an accomplished writer herself, Tamaryn is also script editor for Jen Bryson Moorcroft Theatre, ensuring that the scripts and productions released are tailored to the target market and of a high literary standard.


Graphic, Web & Set Designer

Audette Jooste is a creative designer, versed in the fields of graphic, web and textile design. She truly believes that you can do anything you put your mind to! Hence her new passion for set and costume design for theatre. Bringing settings and characters to life with innovative design, some serious craft skills and often on a limited budget has been a tremendously fulfilling, fun, crazy and challenging adventure. Working with Jen Bryson Moorcroft Theatre has taught her so much and awakened her inner activist. It allows her to meet, share and collaborate with a plethora of new creative souls all the time. This growing network of creatives has been a huge inspiration in her new venture of  Creative Coaching.


Actor & Acting Assistant

Chase is passionate about sharing the love of drama with actors and audiences alike. Chase writes: 'Experiencing the energy of the stage and the audience is just magical.  I believe drama helps one to identify who one truly is, as well as to connect with one whole self, build confidence and just learn how to confidently express yourself in everyday life.  Since meeting and working with Jen Bryson Moorcroft and then the drama kids, I can honestly say, I have grown and learned so much about myself and what I am capable of. It's just a safe space to be free, express yourself and learn in a fun way. I look forward to these workshops, almost like a kid counting sleeps to Christmas, it's that exciting!'


Producers & Leading Activists

Our Mission is to combat modern day slavery and human trafficking through training, networking and raising awareness on any available platforms and by ensuring that the rights of human trafficking survivors are realized.

 Our Vision is to protect and advance the rights of survivors of trafficking in persons in South Africa by engendering respect, protection, promotion and fulfillment of the relevant rights in the bill of rights thereby restoring dignity and identity.


Drama Intern & PHD Student

Unathi Ndlelantle Ngada is a Rhodes University Drama graduate, University of Pretoria Drama graduate and is currently working towards her PhD in Literature at NMMU. She has self-published five books through Amazon (Kindle Direct Publishing) and is currently working on her sixth one. She is a writer and a playwright and enjoys performing for the arts. She is also involved in teaching at Creative Writing Workshops hosted by Jen Bryson Moorcroft and Tammy Daldorf.


Actor & Acting Coach

Cebo Ndzimela first started theatre at George Randell High School featured as a singer and actor in all the schools musicals. In 2011 he won a script writing competition and has the opportunity to direct a short film. Cebo has featured in local productions in East London since 2015. In 2016  he won Ultimate Performer, and has been cast in his first feature film in 2019.  He also has experience in teaching drama at George Randell Primary School and working as H.O.D of Sports and Arts and Culture at Amitek High School. 

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